Rights of Shareholders | Micro Leasing

The company has a policy to treat all shareholders equally with honesty and prudence. In accordance with the rules prescribed by law and related government agencies.

The shareholder’s meeting process is conducted openly, transparently, and fairly. Where every shareholder has rights and equality described as follows.


Right to be informed of the company’s performance and management policies regularly and in a timely manner.


Right to receive fair share of profits.


Right to attend shareholder’s meeting to express opinion and vote on the appointment or removal of directors, financial auditors. Participating in decision making on important changes, including the right of minority shareholders to propose additional agenda items, or nominate candidates for independent director positions.


Right to receive information on connected transactions.


To treat every shareholder with honesty, to take any actions with fairness and equality.


To aim to manage the company for stable growth to generate good and sustainable return. To report to shareholders regularly and truthfully about the status of the company, future plan, positive and negative impact and trend of the company with adequate supporting reasons.