Environmental | Micro Leasing

Environmental Policy

The Company is committed to the importance of preserving natural resources, efficiency of energy consumption. The Company has proposed the environmental policy to comply with the company direction and for employees to adhere.

Waste Reduction

The Company has a campaign to promote environmental awareness amongst employees specifically the knowledge of waste management and reduction by educating employees to separate their waste before disposing it in the bin, and provide different kinds of bin for each type of waste that is in line with the international standards, the company had internally publicized.

Paper Usage Reduction

As the amount of paper usage tends to increase within the company. The company realized that could lead to an excessive use of paper and had come up with the notion to reduce paper usage in the most cost-effective way. In this regard, the company has the following guidelines to reduce paper usage.

Energy Consumption Reduction

in 2022, the company has installed Solar System in the company’s headquarters allowing the company to save on electric cost as shown.