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Human Resource Managemant and Development

The Company recognizes the value of employees, an important resource to drive the organization towards success according to the vision and mission of the organization, therefore value employees with regard to human rights and equality. The Company allocates compensation and welfare benefits that are appropriate for human resource development. The Company has formulated a plan for employee development to prepare employees for appropriate career growth.

Social Dimension Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment

Micro Leasing PLC conducts business by applying the concept of sustainable development in economic, social, and environment aspects into strategy and operation, and realized of the safety and health of employee, business partners and visitors, thus arranged occupational health and safety committee as part the company’s operation.

Human Rights

Micro Leasing Public Company Limited (“the Company”) is committed to conducting business with responsibility for all stakeholders in the value chain in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. and recognizes that respect for human rights is an important responsibility Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that are inherent and are equality of persons who will not being discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, gender, color, language, ethnicity, or any other status.